The Canary Islands


In 1999, after having experienced the profound nature of the practice at Spain’s principal centre for Vipassana, Dhamma Neru, in Barcelona, a group of meditators from the Canary Islands sought wholeheartedly to realise a course on these islands, so that residents there could benefit from such a course without having to undertake the long journey and expense required by travelling from the country’s most distant autonomous region.


Finally, in 2002, a 10-day course was held, thanks to the will and enthusiasm of a few meditators in Tenerife. It was both the first course in the Canary Islands and the first course outside of the Dhamma Neru centre.

The course was located in the town of Candelaria, in a residential complex arranged to meet the needs of the course. The sole shortcoming was the limited space, given the high number of applicants, for which reason a search was made the next year for a new centre. A new space was found in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a capacity for 100 students and a comfortable infrastructure. In this space, a ‘house of activities for a religious community’, one ten-day course was held a year from 2003 until 2008.


After 2008, it was again necessary to search for a new space for the spread of Dhamma. Lanzarote graciously opened its arms and since 2009 has been welcoming residents of the Canary Islands as well as people from around the world.

Vipassana has made its mark in the Canary Islands and has spread notably, attracting ever-larger numbers of residents from the islands.

Because of certain circumstances in that community, where it was decided not to rent their units to outside groups, meditators had to take off again in search of another place for the growth of Dhamma.


Lanzarote then splendidly opened his arms to Dhamma and, with the strength and warmth of this land, since 2009 it hosts meditators from all the Canary Islands, as well as anyone in the world. Located in the village of Nazareth, part of the town of Teguise, the "Nazareth House" presents a serene character, humble and integrated into the nature and idiosyncrasies that distinguish the fields on that island -- silence and stillness.


Vipassana in the Canary Islands already has a considerable resonance and dissemination, and the affluence of the islands is increasing, and this is reason enough, that perhaps in the not too distant future, it will be possible to offer more than one 10-day course per year for the benefit of many but in 2012, it won’t be possible to organise 10-day courses as in 2011.

Although there are various reasons for not organising a course in this zone, the main reason is that the Foundation is in the process of buying property for the construction of Spain’s second centre (Candeleda in the province of Ávila), and courses outside of the centre have been reduced to provide support for and to centralise all of them in both centres (Dhamma Neru and the Centre Area until the construction of Candeleda).

Perhaps in the future it will again be possible to realise courses in the Canary Islands.

One-day and four-hour auto-courses have been regularly held in the Canary Islands on the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and sporadically on La Palma.

One-day and four-hour auto-courses are activities open only to old students, that is to say, to those who have completed at least one ten-day course with S.N. Goenka or one of the assistant teachers authorised by him. If you are interested in taking one of these courses, you can apply to them on the website . If you need more information, please write an e-mail to


May Dhamma remain strong in the Canary Islands!


Metta to all